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April 1, 2020 [ttr-live-v4.1.20]

• Upgraded Toontown’s version from v2.6.8 to v4.1.20. The future is well and truly now!
• To ensure that the servers remain stable, all districts are now SpeedChat-only.
• Added a limit of 500 Players online at once to avoid further server issues. Hurray for stable servers!

• Replaced the Trolley with a broken-down shuttle to Cog Nation. Better not be late to work!
• Golf balls will now swerve around the hole, putting those pesky pranksters out of a job.
• Removed all Gags from Kart Racing.

Audio & Visuals
• Adjusted the Chief Justice’s visual appearance to match the missing wig.
• Adjusted Bumpy Bumblebehr’s dialogue to appropriately say “Your Honorable Baldness” rather than “Your Honorable Blindness.”
• Added music to Toon Estates.

• Due to strongly-worded feedback from our players, we have reverted all previously made changes.