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September 30, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.5]

• Corrected an issue that caused the Slingshot in the Toon Slingshot Trolley Game to ignore the volume slider in the Options Menu.
• Fixed a crash introduced in the last update that could cause certain SpeedChat phrases to crash the game when right-clicked.
• Fixed an issue where saying certain words with SpeedChat+ crashes the game.

• ToonFest's Merry Multipliers have gotten an upgrade! You can now check the remaining time on your Merry Multipliers from the Gags page in the Shticker Book, or via the 'Home' key.
• Made minor changes to the Duck Tank to help stop Toons from blocking the target and to make it easier to hit.
• Adjusted the prices of a few "Mad" hats from 100 ToonFest Tokens to 106 ToonFest Tokens.