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Toontown Rewritten will be closing for maintenance on June 23rd, 2024 at 7:00AM TTT. The maintenance is expected to last 20 minutes.

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August 3, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.9.5]

• Addressed a long-standing animation bug inside of Toon Hall.
• Eradicated yet another issue related to Butterflies. They are truly public enemy number one.
• Increased the timer for Picnic Tables to 120 seconds. Enjoy cupcakes and sandwiches with your friends!
• Professor Ivy now wears the recently released "Treemendous Gardener" outfit!
• Fixed a longstanding bug that prevented you from whispering new friends that are in different areas.
• Addressed various crashes and issues throughout Toontown.

Cog Facilities
• Added a five-minute timeout to the epilogue of all Boss Battles. If you are timed out, you will still receive your rewards and head back to the Playground.
• You can now teleport to friends that are inside the D.A. Office's lobby!
• The noises of spooky ghost Toons will no longer appear in the District Attorney's office.

• The Laff Points given by Ice Pops now scale based on ToonTask progress.
• The "Cherry On Top" house now features lit windows at night.
• Butterflies will no longer appear at night.
• When a Flower or Gag Tree is fully watered, the watering can icon will now be greyed out.
• Fixed a GUI-related bug with gardening.
• Fixed a softlock when obtaining the final gardening trophy.
• Addressed a longstanding Cattlelog bug that would cause "Series 0 Issue 13" to be delivered in error.
• Patched an exploit related to the 48 Hours of Cannons mini-game.

Kart Racing
• Many tweaks have been made to Kart handling based on your thoughts and suggestions.
• Record and qualify times have been tweaked once again to reflect the new changes.
• Please give Kart Racing another go and let us know what you think!
• If you are a player with a disability, please let us know the difficulty of the qualify times for racing. We want the ability to qualify to be possible for everyone!

Options Menu
• An Option to limit the framerate to certain values has been added.

• Benches have been added to every playground!
• You can walk up to any bench to hop on.
• Pressing the MOVEMENT KEYS will orbit the camera.
• You can zoom in and out with Page Up and Page Down or the keys bound to jumping and walking.

• Added the first new Party Activity in Rewritten history: The Merry-go-Round!
• The Merry-go-Round costs 200 Jellybeans, with a limit of one per party.
• As more Toons hop onto the Merry-go-Round, the speed will increase.
• Spin around to your heart's content, and try not to get dizzy!