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December 3, 2022 [ttr-live-v3.6.2]

• The Toontown Rewritten launcher has been updated to version 1.5.1! Head over to the "Play" page on our website to download the latest version.
• Added a "Remember Me" button to save account information to hop as quickly as possible into Toontown. Be careful not to use it on shared computers!
• When entering the game with a saved account for the first time with Two-Step Login enabled, you will receive a prompt asking if you trust this computer. Make sure to select "No" for shared computers - we don't want any Cogs sneaking into your account!
• Fixed an issue when attempting to join a Discord group without opening the game.

• Fixed an issue causing the SpeedChat+ info panel not to appear.
• Fixed a soft lock when clicking the SpeedChat+ button.
• Automatic SpeedChat+ is now disabled in SpeedChat-only Districts.

Boarding Groups
• Fixed a few crashes relating to Boarding Groups.
• Centered "Going To" text to make it look a little prettier.

macOS & Linux Support
• Pasting text into SpeedChat+ or the Code Redemption panel now works on macOS and Linux. (It already worked for Windows users - they are no longer spoiled!)
• Linux flatpak has been updated to the latest libraries.
• Addressed a rare issue where audio would not work properly on certain Linux distributions.
• Resolved an issue opening the photo album or content pack folders on Linux.
• Resolved a crash when trying to use the "Copy Code" ToonSync button on Linux.