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October 25, 2018 [ttr-live-2.2.5]

• The Spooktown Curse has grown spookier than ever before!
• All of the Candy in Toontown has vanished! You can talk to Jack O’ Kazam in Toontown Central to begin his brand new Trick or Treat ToonTask.
• A new Toon Color has hit the Cattlelog! For a limited time in your next issue, grab "Spooky Purple" to embrace the Spooktown Spirit.

• Fix typo in Sombrero accessory name.

• Fireflies have invaded Donald’s Dreamland! These little creatures are a fierce ally of the already prevalent butterfly threat in Toontown Central.
• Rewrote Butterfly logic to squash several small bugs.

• Adjusted various Toon and Cog attacks to appear more fluid, and fix visual bugs.
• Gags such as the Big Magnet and Megaphone now fit snugly in Toon's gloves.
• Breathe easy! Toons will no longer stop breathing when certain Toon-Up gags are used.
• Fixed a crash related to the reward panel.

Cog HQ
• Fixed an issue that caused the Sellbot Vice President's gears to take no Laff from Toons upon collision.

• Fixed various cannon-related game crashes.