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March 31, 2023 [ttr-live-v3.8.2]

Bugs n' Blunders
• Made several back-end changes to Kart blocks to improve reliability.
• Fixed crashes related to falling asleep with popups open in goofy Speedway.
• Fixed an issue with Racing SpeedChat phrases not working properly inside the Kart Shop. Let's go kart racing!
• Fixed some issues in various Cog Facilities that recently caused district resets & crashes.
• The Fire Marshal has received a disciplinary warning and should no longer crash your game when warning you to not enter a crowded house.
• Talking in Your Sleep has offered free voice training to all Toons, meaning you should no longer be able to accidentally whisper a trick to your Doodle in battle.
• Addressed a client crash when attempting to enter an elevator while too far away.