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December 24, 2022 [ttr-live-v3.6.3]

Polar Bear Blizzard
• Paula Behr is now allowing all bear Toons to become Polar Bears!
• From December 24th 'til December 26th, Paula Behr is offering an all-new ToonTask inside at Hibernation Vacations on Polar Place.
• If you're a bear Toon, this ToonTask will reward you a snow-white coat of fur -- with your choice of temporary or permanent color.
• Whether you're a bear Toon or not, this ToonTask also awards a Cold Caller Cog Summons. Chilly!
• Note that brand-new bear Toons still have the option to speak to Paula Behr in the Toontorial.
• Additionally, even if you're not a bear Toon, you can still say "Howdy!" to Paula Behr if you'd like to join the Winter Polar-Land fun -- if you don't mind losing your current Cheesy Effect!

Toontown Dictionary
• Added tons of requested words to the Toontown Dictionary -- you can check them all out at toon.town/363dictionary! Less mrow, more wrow!

• Significantly reduced memory usage in areas with roaming Cogs. Toons with older systems should see better performance!

Bugs 'n Blunders
• Corrected a long-standing issue where throwables, such as snowballs, could lock Toons out of using Animations.
• Fixed a MacOS crash upon pasting text into the game if non-text data had been copied to the clipboard.
• Addressed a softlock on MacOS caused by using SpeedChat+ in the Options Menu.
• Fixed a crash upon starting the game if you had invalid keybinds configured.
• Patched up several client crashes in Boarding Groups and Cog Boss battles.
• Fixed some client crashes in full Toon Parties.
• Picking a random Doodle name should now be properly random.