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Our Technical Toons are investigating reports from The Toontown Post Office of item gifting from the Catalog not working. Working with Postmaster Pete, they are now draining districts to correct the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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February 1, 2015 [ttr-beta-v1.8.0]

Major Update: Our server engine has been updated! Long awaited bug-fixes, optimizations, and more have been applied to the server. We're in progress of overhauling our deployment system - expect more improvements to come.

• A long-time knockback bug, present since the beginning of Toontown Online, has now been fixed! Damage bonuses should be properly applied.
• Fix a few typos and odd phrasing in various places, as suggested by the community.
• Various performance and crash fixes.

• The rarity of fish has been slightly decreased, making fishing less of a chore while still challenging for veteran players.
* The animation when planting and watering flowers has been made faster.
• Cog HQ factories and bosses now receive a constant experience bonus regardless of an invasion, due to their increased difficulty. Invasion bonuses remain the same on streets and buildings.
• Toons now receive 2 SOS cards from a VP.
• Invasion summon amounts have been increased and now have varying amounts, resulting anywhere between 3,000 and 10,000 Cogs.
• The battle camera now adjusts to the height of the tallest Cog.
• Cog merit counts are now shown on the inventory page by pressing the "Home" hotkey.
• The whitelist has been updated once more with new words.
• More wacky, silly, and popular names have been added to the Pick-a-Name.

• Toontown has received 10 New Toon Colors for the very first time: Rose Pink, Ice Blue, Mint Green, Emerald, Teal, Bronze, Amber, Crimson, Dark Green, and Steel Blue. Go make a New Toon today!
• Toons now receive teleport access to Cog HQs upon reaching Level 50. If you're already Level 50, you'll have to defeat the boss one more time so the Toon Council can award it to you!
• If the building you need to visit for a ToonTask is a Cog Building, it will display in grey on the Street M.A.P.S.
• Once your Cog Radar is completed, Cog Buildings for that suit type will appear on the Street M.A.P.S.
• When dancing, the panel will now show if you have received bonus experience from the battle.
• Add an optional "Show Cog Levels" button to the Battle GUI, to display the opponent's level and health status.
• The district page has been redesigned! Population and invasion status is shown by clicking on a specific district.
• Toons can now purchase a "Rewrite Toon" item every 6 months to change their color or size for 10,000 beans. NOTE: Black cats and Polar bears will lose their effect by using this item!