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December 7, 2021 [ttr-live-v3.0.6]

Sellbot Task Force
• Resistance Operators will now reference the ToonTask objective when picking up a Rank-Up Reward ToonTask.
• Fixed various issues with Sellbot Task Force ToonTasks.
• Fixed a bug preventing Toons from picking up the Sleuth Badge ToonTask. You can now find it offered by any Resistance Operator!

Sellbot Field Offices
• Fixed a bug where snow would not display during the Cold Caller Cubicles tutorial.
• Fixed a District crash relating to cabinets in Cold Caller Cubicles.
• Fixed a bug that prevented Boss Cog Apprentice ToonTasks from counting The Boiler.
• Fixed an issue where Toons could get stuck in the elevator when exiting a Field Office.