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July 5, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.3.1]

• Improve racing code to prevent exploits
Experimental: Turn on anti-aliasing by default
• Reduce logging of Cog pathfinding
• Implement Official Invasion API. In the future, the API will only show detailed stats for toon-summoned invasions. We never know when those baddies will attack! Due to the limited amount of invasions, it currently shows random invasions as well.

• Prevent a crash when using Shift+F1 in a Cog HQ Interior area
• Fix a bug where all DA Office elevators would lead to Office A
• Prevent a rare crash when loading Shtickerbook settings
• Fix an OSX crash that would commonly occur during boss battles

• Big Magnets are now blue to match their icon
• Tweak random invasion probabilities and length based on community feedback

• Improve Firework shows with the "new" Firework system. Toontown Online originally changed the fireworks to a new type at some point in its lifetime. The old system was previously used on Toontown Rewritten due to an engine incompatibility, which has since been fixed. Enjoy the better looking Fireworks!
• The Legal Eagles aren't too happy with throwing explosions into their airspace. Legal Eagle Mega-Invasions have begun!