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October 20, 2022 [ttr-live-v3.6.0]

Boarding Groups
• You can now invite Toons to your boarding groups for any activities from anywhere in Toontown!
• When joining a group from afar (ie. ToonHQ, Discord, friend invites), you will no longer teleport to the leader immediately. Your spot is still reserved, though!
• Instead, a super-duper hi-tech ‘Go To’ button is now present, even allowing you to slip straight past security in Cog HQ lobbies!
• The group leader may not board an activity until all group members are present.

Boarding Group Chat
• The Toon Council is rolling out a nifty, novel, and completely brand-NEW chat mode, Boarding Group Chat!
• You and all your boarding group members can communicate amongst yourselves through this new chat option!
• The orange button up in the top left of the screen will drop down a SpeedChat menu for boarding group chat.
• Using Alt+Enter will allow you to communicate with a boarding group via SpeedChat+!
• Those outside your boarding group cannot see these messages.

ToonHQ Integration
• Boarding groups can now be synchronized between in-game and ToonHQ -- made possible through the wonderful world of ToonSync!
• To elaborate, groups first created through ToonHQ will also appear as in-game boarding groups if ToonSync is enabled. Groups first created in-game will be pre-filled on ToonHQ should you wish to create a group afterwards.
• Synchronization between Toontown Rewritten and ToonHQ groups also applies to the following: group members joining/leaving, group messages sent, and additional +1’s (which can be chosen when joining a group on ToonHQ and selecting how many Toons are with you).
• When a ToonSync-powered group is disbanded or enters the activity, the group is removed from ToonHQ auto-magically!
• Only messages from ToonSync-enabled ToonHQ accounts will appear in-game.
• All group SpeedChat messages are still filtered for your safety!

• Celebrate MMO Central Forum’s 20th birthday with the Flunk-Trunk’s awkward cousin -- the Caller-Hauler!
• Doodle names are no longer gender-restricted.
• Forfeiting a board game will now shamefully announce your defeat to other Toons in the area. Sore losers are advised to steer clear.

Bugs ‘n Blunders
• We’ve quashed some crashes related to facilities & battles.
• Goofy Speedway is now more ‘welcoming,’ -- we fixed a bug that would prevent teleport access from being awarded if entering from Welcome Valley.
• Fixed some crashes related to high network latency.