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Toontown Rewritten will be closing for maintenance on June 23rd, 2024 at 7:00AM TTT. The maintenance is expected to last 20 minutes.

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September 1, 2017 [ttr-live-v2.0.0]

Toontown Rewritten has officially left Beta!
• Added new Toontown logo and branding throughout the game.
• Added new Toontown theme song.
• The opening sequence to the game has been redesigned! This will continue to be enhanced in future updates.
• The game cursor can now be modified with custom resource packs.
• Players can now manually enable an experimental feature called "smooth-frames" in their settings.json file, which will allow the game to run at a higher frame rate. This feature will be moved to the Shtickerbook after more testing!
• Resource packs can now set unique battle music for each Playground or Cog HQ. All unique Playground battle music must exist as "phase_3.5/audio/bgm/encntr__bg.ogg". For example, "encntr_ttc_bg.ogg" will use custom battle music only for Toontown Central. Cog HQ battle music should go in its respective phase folder.

• Fixed a bug where Toon's eyes would remain permanently shut.
• Over 25 new accessories have been added, including many fan favorites from Toontown Online with a new and improved appearance. These will start arriving in future issues of the Cattlelog.
• New Toon Species have come to Toontown! Go and make a Deer and Crocodile Toon TODAY!

• Toontown's Districts have been renamed! The Toon Council has come up with new district names that are easier to spell, more fun to say, and fit in perfectly with the wackiness of Toontown.
• Implemented SpeedChat-only Districts, which restrict the usage of SpeedChat+. These districts are marked with a green SpeedChat button.
• Updated district-filling algorithm to fill up Districts to a more ideal population. This algorithm also prevents SpeedChat+ players from landing in a SpeedChat-only district when possible.

• Fixed a number of glitches relating to the Shtickerbook.
• Toons can now hold all SOS cards! The Shtickerbook page and battle screen has been redesigned to allow them to be scrolled and sorted.
• Racing stats can now be seen on the "Trophy" tab of the "Racing" page to keep track of progress.

• Fixed a bug causing Toons to get stuck in their wardrobe or accessory trunk.
• Toons can now sell fish at their estate! Each estate has been supplied with a special fishing bucket with a portable hole in the bottom, which will take your fish straight to to the Pet Shop.

• We've rewritten the code for racing from the ground up! Racing previously was written very early in alpha, and had a number of problems that didn't scale well while the game was in Beta. Several of the issues fixed are listed here.
• Fixed a bug causing race timers to display negative numbers.
• Fixed a number of bugs relating to gags in Battle Races.
• Improved handling of Toon disconnects during races.
• Banana peels have a slightly smaller collision sphere.
• Implemented Goofy Speedway leaderboard. Compete to earn the fastest time of the day, week, or all time!
• The Grand Prix is here! Every Monday, you can enter a three-course racing tournament to score massive tickets.
• Winning races in the Grand Prix now count towards "total races won" trophies.
• To celebrate all of these racing improvements, Goofy Speedway is hosting a Grand Opening week for the Grand Prix! You can enter racing tournaments on any day until September 8th.

• Toon Parties are back, and better than ever! Head over to the giant party hat in any playground to plan or join a party! You can also find Party Planning tools in the "Events" section of the Shtickerbook.
• Implemented all party activities. Previously in Alpha, parties only had cannons, trampolines, and dance floors.
• Toons can now receive invitations to parties in the mail from their friends.
• When logging in and at the top of every hour, the party hat will let off a series of silly chimes to note the hour.
• Added new Toontown Rewritten songs to the Party Jukebox.

• "Toons Hit" and "Cogs Miss" SOS cards now work for the proper amount of rounds.
• Fixed a bug that would cause the "0 to go!" animation to trigger during the reward even if a Level 7 gag hadn't been used.
• Fixed a rare bug where Cogs would appear to be invisible during battle.
• Extended gag sound effects in resource packs will no longer stall battles.

Cog HQ
• Added new music for Cashbot HQ.
• Fixed a bug in Lawbot DA Offices where two laser battles could be triggered.
• Updated an incorrect prop in the Cashbot Bullion Mint which displayed cash instead of gold.
• Fixed a few bugs where Boss Cogs could still damage Toons while stunned or defeated.
• Fixed a bug where the VP stun sound effects would continue playing after unstunned.
• Fixed a bug where the CFO could become unstunned too early.
• Improved general behavior of CFO attacks.
• Toons will be alerted by Good Ol' Gil Giggles if the CEO has been fully slowed down by golf balls.
• Fixed a bug allowing Toons to walk around while the CEO is being demoted.
• Toons should no longer disappear during the Boss reward movie.

• Introducing Silly Saturdays! Every Saturday, stop by every 2 hours for Fish Bingo, Trolley Tracks, and Grand Prix events all combined into one silly day.
• Fixed a bug causing Toons to be booted out of the gag purchase screen before the timer runs out.
• Fixed a bug causing Whispering Willow and Paula Bear to send an excessive amount of whispers.
• Moved a picnic table in Acorn Acres to stop Toons from landing on it when entering.