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September 16, 2022 [ttr-live-v3.5.0]

Boarding Groups
• Discord support is here! If you've enabled Discord Integration from the Options Menu, you can send out group invites to your friends through Discord.
• Toons that accept the invite through Discord will automatically teleport to you upon logging in.
• Estate Groups can now be created with up to 40 Toons -- making group Doodle training and Estate events a snap!
• We're working with the folks at ToonHQ.org to integrate this feature with the website -- arriving soon!
• Boarding Groups can once again be automatically created by inviting a Toon in-game.

Toon Estates
• Party time! 48 Hours of Beach Balls and Estate Jukebox have been added to the Cattlelog.
• Multiple Estate activities can be active at once -- so go have fun with your friends at your Estate!
• Added nineteen new songs to the Jukebox from the past few years of Toontown.
• Implemented several different Beach Ball variations to spice up your physics simulation shenanigans.
• Added the ability to re-purchase the default window view "Wild Garden" from the Cattlelog for 900 Jellybeans.

Boss Cogs
• Tweaked and fixed several issues in Vice President and Chief Financial Officer cutscenes.
• Addressed a long-standing issue that would let Toons walk around while the C.E.O. is being demoted.

• Safe Districts have been overhauled to be more intuitive for players.
• Notably, this change was made to ensure that lower-Laff Toons aren't thrown into districts with higher-level Cogs.
• When logging in, automatic District selection will now prefer Safe Districts.

• Significantly reduced the memory usage of SpeedChat menus.
• Fixed a client crash with Unite phrases.
• Addressed countless client crashes within Cog facilities.
• Fixed a client crash related to Cog Golf Karts in Bossbot HQ.
• Patched up several client crashes throughout Toontown.

• Discord Rich Presence now reflects the color of your Toon's Laff Meter.
• Made the Screenshots page in the Shticker Book more intuitive to use.
• You can now use a hotkey to hide or show nametags -- this feature is bound to SHIFT+F3 by default.
• Tweaked the laws of physics -- teleporting Toons will no longer get stuck stretched out mid-air for others.
• Fixed a typo in the Cog Thief trolley game.
• Addressed a soft lock when trying to board the Trolley while sad.