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An all-new threat is on the horizon... The Sellbots are taking over Toon
HQ!!! Sellbot Field Offices persist across ALL Districts, and need
more than just one group of Toons to take down. Grab your best
gags, join your friends, and help save Toon HQ!

These Sellbot Field Offices are so devoid of silliness,
some of your gags won't work inside of the building!
You'll need to battle your way through Annexes to
recover stolen JOKES — the only source of silliness
left to restore your Gag Tracks!

Some souped-up Sellbots have gotten their very own offices! These
cutthroat Cogs will try to trap Toons on their turf to prevent their
progress. However, Toons can defeat these Sellbots and recover jokes
in the process, powering up ineffective Gag Tracks!

Welcome to the stomping ground of the
MEGA-MOVERS, super-sized Mover & Shakers
that will threaten to shake you off your feet and
back to the playground! No time for water cooler
talk — fill up water balloons and throw em’ at the
Cogs! If you can make the Cogs burst from
laughter, you may just find a way out of there!

It’s a classic office battleground… the battle of the
thermostat! The Cold Callers keep things way too
cold -- you’ll need to skate through their cubicles
and turn up the heat to continue. But the Cold
Callers won’t just sit there and melt, they’ll turn
their thermostats back down!

After climbing to the top of the Annex, you’ll find the Sellbots’ Boiler Room
of high pressure sales, overseen by The Boiler. The Boiler is an all-new
Boss Cog unlike any Cog you’ve encountered before. Don’t be a pushover!
The Boiler will manage to put even the most battle-hardened Toons under
intense pressure. Defeat The Boiler, and the power to the entire
annex will be cut, bringing the Sellbot Field Office closer to defeat!