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Deck the Cogs with Cartoon Shtick

Posted by Snowman on December 18, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the fourth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Soulful singing Snowtoons,
Jolly winter jams,
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

Sing a song or two with the Snowtoons!

Happy Holidays, warm fellas! It's amazing, every year in Toontown we set a record amount of snowfall around this time of year. With lots of snow, you know what comes next -- the Snowtoons are back in town!

What, you've never seen a Snowtoon before? We're just like any regular Toon, only made of snow. The confusing part of it all -- my name's Snowman! This is Snowball, Snowangel, Snowshoe, and Snowcat, the rest of the chorus. We were supposed to host a special Winter Caroling show in Toon Hall later today. There's just a tiny issue: Toon Hall is too warm! Apparently some Scientoons moved in this year who like their hot cocoa a little too hot.

I'll be honest with you, we'd rather not risk melting, even if it is the greatest event of the season. Call us a Scrooge, but Snowball just can't get in the spirit when they're looking more like a snow puddle. As with any holiday celebration, however, the show must go on!

How will we make it up to all the warm folks in Toontown? I got it -- Let’s do another Winter Caroling hunt! If we can't put on a show, we can teach all of you how to do it! Come along Snowtoons -- lets scatter around Toontown and give every warm fella you see a little lesson in caroling! 

You’ll have to search all over Toontown for the other Snowtoons to learn their favorite holiday jingle. Don’t fret! I’ll be the start of the hunt. I’ll be in Toontown Central's playground working to spread a little holiday cheer. Bring me an empty ToonTask slot and I’ll give you my limited-time holly-jolly holiday ToonTask!

Now hurry along! Hopefully, the next time we see each other, you'll be ready to learn the serendipitously secrets of Christmas Caroling.


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Jared The Happy Dog said on December 18, 2019 at 2:02 PM
Yay I love the caroling! :D

Mr. Bluegum said on December 18, 2019 at 2:03 PM
Oooh! Sounds exciting!

Barney Wondersnout said on December 18, 2019 at 2:04 PM
Snowman heads are hot today! Happy Winter Holiday!

Paranormal Parrot said on December 18, 2019 at 3:32 PM
Hey yeah I love this part!!!!

Lily Petalsprocket said on December 18, 2019 at 6:13 PM
Happy Holly days...

Cole Bludhed said on December 18, 2019 at 9:02 PM
rraw, I wouldn't go calling everybody "warm fellas" you silly Snowtoons! I would love to hear about your cheer, just be weary. I'll be drinking pipin' hot chocolate this season!

Super Croc Light Zap said on December 19, 2019 at 5:21 AM

mazinger2 said on December 19, 2019 at 5:37 AM
this is fantastic!!!!!!!! = )

CrunchyCrumbs said on December 19, 2019 at 9:02 AM
Woo, sounds like fun! <3

Princess Kippy Petalhopper said on December 19, 2019 at 2:49 PM
I love the caroling. I can't get the guy in Daisy's to give me the next hint. I've tried it 55 times none of them worked. :(

Winter said on December 19, 2019 at 3:25 PM
There's "snow" time like caroling in TTR.... And there's "snow" time like winter btw.

Purple said on December 20, 2019 at 11:17 AM
Aww, bummer.. :( After all that searching, you don't get to keep your snow head! It only lasts until the end of the Holiday..

Guliver Rassle pretzel said on December 21, 2019 at 11:47 AM
well, gonna have to search all over toontown
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