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Daily Alpha Update: Dancing the Day Away

Posted by Hawkheart on February 3, 2014 at 2:20 PM

There are many things I'm good at. Fishing, racing, you name it. One thing that you might not have known is one of my best talents of all: Dancing.

Now, don't get upset with me. I know that you all voted for cannons and have eagerly been awaiting them, but we're all out of Gunpowder due to Sir Max's Party Crash yesterday. Speaking of which... Where is Sir Max? Bah, no matter. Since we're waiting on that new shipment of gunpowder, I needed to brainstorm an active activity idea for today's Party Palooza.

Suddenly, it hit me: Dancing! I'm a toon, I love dancing, and therefore all toons must love dancing! I went straight to work on the dance floor. Surprisingly, it didn't take very long to finish at all! I spent the rest of my time testing out the floor to make sure it could handle my dance moves, but next thing you know, it was tomorrow (or today, rather) and 20 minutes after the update is supposed to be out! I literally danced the day away, and even forgot to unlock the door to let everyone in yesterday!

Anyway, sorry for that inconvenience. Hopefully the dance floor will make up for that lost day, and we'll be back onto your daily update votes for tomorrow. Alpha testers, head over to MMO Central Forums to vote for which activity you want to see next. Maybe we'll have that gunpowder shipment.

February 3, 2014 [ttr-alpha-gd916c4a]

• Fix an issue with the server. Sorry for the downtime!
• Added support for 24 hour time format (For future translations)

• Fix a bug where the host of a party couldn't enter his own party through the Party Gate

• Re-order the Party Activity list when planning a party

• Widescreen support for the trampoline GUI
• Add Dance Floors to parties. (I dare you to learn all of the moves without looking them up!)


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Levi said on February 3, 2014 at 2:37 PM
Sir Max, you been causing some trouble lately XD

Mr. Toon said on February 3, 2014 at 2:46 PM
You didn't open the doors Hawkheart? So nobody got into the improvaganza? That's score 1 for Sir max, But another party? That means a lot more gunpowder will be missing. Anyway I'll continue to wait for beta.

Orion Hunter said on February 3, 2014 at 2:58 PM
I take the dare!

Bear E Mental said on February 3, 2014 at 3:10 PM
Is it just me or is TTR taking a lot longer than it should for the Beta Version.

Winnie said on February 3, 2014 at 4:02 PM
I bet your all danced out! Nice job adding things to the party tent, and I cant wait to find out what the next update will be! Keep it coming:)

Pinky littlespots said on February 3, 2014 at 5:25 PM
Hawkheart, when beta comes out, we are gonna have a dance party showdown, ITS ON

Trevzom said on February 3, 2014 at 5:54 PM
94 updates so far. almost 100!

Sweetie Paul said on February 3, 2014 at 6:29 PM
Dances perfectly & gets an A+ on dancing LOL

Lemonknees said on February 3, 2014 at 9:34 PM
HAHA! Sweet! I love dancing on that dance floor myself. Toontown had some sweet and hilarious moves, and I bet these will be GREAT! Thanks guys! Sure cant wait for beta, either!

Tate said on February 3, 2014 at 10:01 PM
We are getting closer and closer to TTR being released to the public.. Keep it up guys!

midnight1888 said on February 4, 2014 at 12:08 AM
I am a dancing fool !! you know i am with you on this one. I am not very good with the cannon. i mostly hits the trees or just hits the ground . no worry on that.

Parad0x said on February 4, 2014 at 3:06 AM
Nice update, thanks for your awesome work!

Loud Thunderchomp said on February 4, 2014 at 3:55 AM
Too late, I already know alot of dance moves ;3

Just another Toon said on February 4, 2014 at 5:17 AM
So happy to be seeing so many updates from y'all. I can't wait for the game to be officially launched because it seems you've been making awesome sauce progress! I do miss toontown very much. I was so excited when I found out about this site a month or two ago.

Loud Wonderboing said on February 4, 2014 at 5:40 AM
Can't wait till TTR (Toontown Rewritten) gets realesed to the public :D

SuperKirbyFive said on February 4, 2014 at 12:38 PM
Are there new moves finally?

pinky littlespots said on February 4, 2014 at 2:22 PM
i remember all dance moves by heart

Pinkie cake said on February 4, 2014 at 5:33 PM
My toon talent is MAKING THE BIG AND BEST PARTY! I hope I can use the cannons! Even if I hadn't played Toontown rewritten before!

C3544G said on February 4, 2014 at 6:05 PM
I recall the dance floor being pretty useless. Would it be a bad idea to add anything as a reward for doing new moves? For example, 25-50 jellybeans for every 5 new moves you do.

Fluffy said on February 6, 2014 at 4:07 PM
I will take the dare, on toontown online i did all the 5 or 10 or 20 or whatever number the max is moves and didn't write them down, and if i did, i wouldn't know where the paper is! I got skills! I bet i could do it in under three minutes!!!!! Take that!!!!

Fluffy said on February 6, 2014 at 4:13 PM
But are you too SCARED to release toontown rewritten to public or release a beta so ppl (people) can play? or are you good at finishing TTR (toontown rewritten) so people can play it? hahahahhaha i dare you to do one of those!
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