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Frequently Asked Questions

Moderation & Safety

What are the rules of Toontown Rewritten?

That information can be found in our Terms of Service.

Why was my Toon’s name rejected?

Our Naming guidelines can be found here. Our name guidelines change all the time! So sometimes names that were acceptable before are not acceptable anymore and vice versa! Still not sure about your name? Feel free to drop us an email at support@toontownrewritten.com with the name in question and we’ll be happy to elaborate!

Why is some behavior prohibited that most other online games allow?

Something that makes Toontown Rewritten so unique is its dedication to remaining suitable for all ages. We want to ensure that even our youngest players are able to experience the game, so we set the rules outlined in our Terms of Service towards preserving this goal.

I need to report a misbehaving Toon! How do I do this?

When you click on a Toon’s name tag in game, you’ll see a panel pop up in the top right with a few actions. Clicking the “Report” button at the bottom of the panel will bring up a screen to automatically file a report for our Moderators to review!

If you would like to file a more detailed report, you can send an email to support@toontownrewritten.com.

When submitting an email report, use this list and fill out as much information as possible to help our Moderators investigate the issue:

  • Your Username:

  • Your Toon Name:

  • Time and date of incident (please make sure to include your timezone):

  • Location of incident (including District name):

  • Misbehaving Toon’s name:

  • Misbehaving Toon’s ID (if possible):

  • Description of the Toon:

  • Details of the incident:

Including photos and videos when possible will greatly help our Moderators investigate the situation, as well! NOTE: Submitting false reports may result in consequences against your own account for abusing the report system.

I feel like my report hasn’t been seen, are you seeing every report sent in?

Absolutely! Every single report filed is reviewed by our Moderation Department as quickly as possible. Our team has a real-time report tracker which allows us to see all in-game reports at a glance, in addition to every email report sent in which is reviewed by our Moderators.

For privacy reasons, unfortunately we cannot let you know what happens after a report is filed. Any infractions issued are between us and the Toon that was infracted. After filing a report, you can play with the peace of mind that a staff member will make sure the misbehaving Toon is taken care of!

There is a Toon that is trying to intentionally cause me to lose all of my laff! What should I do?

The best thing you can do is to send in an email report with as many details as possible so that our Moderators can investigate. Remember: Don’t feed the trolls! Responding to a “greener” by telling others not to heal that Toon, or intentionally doing the same actions back, can result in consequences against your own account as well.

Am I allowed to participate in “SOS Shopping”, or disconnecting from the V.P. battle to earn a better reward?

“SOS shopping” is when Toons in a V.P. battle close the game intentionally due to an undesired SOS card. While we do discourage doing this as it isn’t in the spirit of the game, it is allowed as long as all Toons in the group have previously agreed that “SOS Shopping” is OK.

Leaving a battle intentionally by disconnecting your game without the agreement of other Toons is against the rules. You wouldn’t want your teammates to abandon you!

Can you really get banned for saying “You Stink!”? It’s a SpeedChat phrase, so how can it be bad?

Rest assured, you cannot be banned for saying “You stink!” -- however, you can be banned for harassment. Using any phrase to harass another Toon (That is, following them around or continuing to bother them after they’ve asked you to stop) can result in an infraction. We’re all humans behind the Toon, so please be friendly to one another!

Can I have a 3rd party computer program run the game for me? Toon Golf, Fishing, and Doodle training takes too long to do!

Sorry, but using third party tools to gain an advantage in the game is strictly prohibited. Toons who use such programs may have their stats reset. Using programs to advance in the game is unfair to other players who spend the time and effort playing the game without automated tools, and is considered cheating.

Can I use a 3rd party program to keep my Toon awake in a full District?

No, using any method to keep your Toon awake or to otherwise “park” your Toon in a full District is not allowed. In the event of full Districts, it makes it harder for players attempting to play in that District to enter. We do allow groups that run events to park a Toon near the location of the event as long as it’s not in a full District, and you are not using a 3rd party tool.

Can I use a 3rd party program to run multiple Toons at once?

You sure can! Some players enjoy playing multiple Toons at once, which is completely fine as long as the programs provide no advantage nor alter the game in any way. Typically, these programs do not touch Toontown and rather just map keyboard controls for two separate game windows. Any programs that provide more functionality than that, such as macros or modifying the game client, are strictly prohibited.

If you’re unsure if a program is allowed, contact support@toontownrewritten.com and ask us. Better safe than sorry!

Can I share my Discord, Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Tiktok, Snapchat, Mastodon, Tumblr, Hive Social, CoHost, or other social media or instant message service account name?

Sorry, we do not allow this. Many social media sites and instant messaging platforms may contain non family friendly content, so please don’t ask for or give your social media name or instant message name for the other services in game.

What personal information can I say in game?

Please be careful with the personal information that you share! On Toontown Rewritten, no one knows you’re not a Toon! 

You are allowed to share: Your first name, your state/province, country of residence, timezone, or Toonbook profile. 

You CANNOT share your age, email address, phone numbers, city of residence, school name, full last/family name, and social media accounts such as discord, skype, whatsapp, twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc. 

What can I say in game about where I live?

Be careful with the personal information that you share! We don’t allow any specific locations to be said in game to encourage online safety. Generalized locations are allowed as long as no personally identifiable information is shared.

Allowed Locations:

  • Continent

  • Country

  • State/Province

  • Timezone

Disallowed Locations:

  • City

  • Street

  • Zip Code

  • Home Address

Can I tell Toons in-game where to find my livestream?

As long as your commentary is family friendly, you can say your username for your preferred streaming service in game. Be careful not to share any personally identifiable information, which is against our online safety policy!

Do our rules as listed in the games Terms of Service apply outside of official Toontown Rewritten platforms?

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that any non-official and non-partnered spaces will follow all of Toontown Rewritten's rules. We do want the community to be safe, however! If you feel threatened or harassed by a member of the Toontown community, even if it didn't happen in-game, please let us know by sending in an email report.

Why was my infraction harsher than someone I know who did the exact same thing?

Multiple factors affect the consequence of your infraction. The severity of action itself and the amount of prior infractions on any of your accounts will determine the infraction that you receive.

I was sharing my account with a friend I know in my area, but they misbehaved and now my account is suspended. Can you lift my ban?

Account owners are fully responsible for what happens on their account should they chose to share it. In this case, we would not be able to lift the ban until its original expiry date. Please be mindful about the dangers of sharing accounts!

I was suspended but my sibling/friend/parent was playing on my account at the time! Can I get unbanned?

Sadly, we are unable to lift infractions until the given expiration date. It's our policy to infract accounts that don’t follow our Terms of Service no matter what the situation. As such, we only moderate based off of the account being used at the time, not off of who was using an account at the time the misbehavior occurred.

We encourage you to create separate accounts for your friends and family members so that you aren’t responsible for any actions other than your own!

Can I buy or sell a Toontown account?

We do not allow anyone to buy, sell, or trade a Toon or anything else (password, email account, and so on) that would lead to the passing of one account to another person. Unfortunately, any accounts found to have been purchased or sold through any medium will be terminated. We appreciate you all in helping us keep the game safe and fair!

Help! My account got stolen! I’m now suspended from playing and I never gave them permission to use my account. What should I do?

Please email support@toontownrewritten.com as soon as you can with 2 log files attached from before the account was stolen, if possible. You can find info on locating your log files here!

Someone in my household was muted and now I am muted too on my separate account. Why did this happen?

For the safety of Toontown, all accounts that are accessed from the location where a mute was issued will also be muted. This can cause multi-player families to also be impacted by the mute depending on your internet connection. Please email us at support@toontownrewritten.com and we can evaluate the situation to unmute innocent family members.

I feel that I was falsely suspended. Can I appeal to restore my account?

We have a great success rate in our Moderation Department, but mistakes can still happen. If you were truly falsely suspended, we want to make it right! Email us at support@Toontownrewritten.com and we will review your case.

Are appeals to bans, suspensions or mutes heard by the same person that infracted me?

Nope! All appeals are reviewed by members of our Moderation staff who have been trained on how to handle such appeals. Appeals are always handled by a different person than the one who placed your infraction to ensure that the issue is handled with full fairness.