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Toon Name Guidelines

The Toon Council uses an extensive set of guidelines when approving names to make sure they all fit the Toontown lifestyle. All Toon names must fit the following guidelines to be approved:

Personal Names

Names can't have personally identifiable information.
First names are A-OK, but please refrain from including other personal information in your Toon's name!
- Unacceptable: Jane From California, George Williams
- Acceptable: Jane, George

Fictional names are allowed, but not if they could be confused with real people.
To avoid anyone's real name becoming a Toon name, we only accept names that are easily recognizable as fictional.
- Unacceptable: John Galt, Carl Fredricksen
- Acceptable: Kylo Ren, Dipper Pines

Save romance for the real world.
While you may love your special someone, it's not necessary to broadcast to the entire Tooniverse.
- Unacceptable: Wife, Boyfriend
- Acceptable: Friend, Father

Don't describe personal relationships.
Putting personal relationships in a name is just like advertising your own personal information. You've gotta keep it private!
- Unacceptable: Jane’s Cousin, George’s Mom, Karen's Friend
- Acceptable: Robby’s Puppy, Henry’s Watch

Appropriate Names

All names must be family friendly.
Strong language and inappropriate references are strictly prohibited anywhere in Toontown.
- If you can't say it in SpeedChat+, chances are you can't have it in your name!

Don't put yourself down!
You shouldn't call anyone names, even yourself.
- Unacceptable: Dumb Dog, Stupid Cat
- Acceptable: Nice Dog, Marvelous Cat

Avoid political references.
To avoid controversy, we do not allow political matters to be in names.
- Unacceptable: Obama, Parliament, White House

No diseases, disorders, or references to death.
Names need to be kept in good taste. Avoid anything too gruesome in your names. - Unacceptable: Bipolar Bunny, Murder Mouse, Dead Dog
- Acceptable: Grim Reaper, Ghost

All references to movies, books, myths, or media must be family friendly.
People of all ages play Toontown, which means your name should be something they can see!
- Acceptable: Captain America, Zeus, Darth Vader

Trademarked and Copyrighted Names

Your Toon name can't be a celebrity, band, sports team, or copyrighted brand.
We don't want to have to team up with Legal Eagles to defend your name! Ideally, we'd like to fire them from a cannon.
- Unacceptable: Elvis Presley, Red Sox, Macintosh
- Acceptable: Elvis Impressley, Blue Sox, Quackintosh

No real names of Disney characters or Toontown NPCs.
Identity theft is no joke!
- Unacceptable: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Lil Oldman

Don't pose as Toontown developers or community officials.
- Unacceptable: Resistance Ranger Sally, Toontown GM, Officer Jenny, Admin Mike
- Acceptable: Sally, Jenny, Mike

No Cog-like names.
A happy Toon is a healthy Toon, and you can't be happy with a name like a Cog.
- Unacceptable: Yesman, Level Twelve, Cog In Disguise
- Acceptable: Metal Cat, Robot Dog, Evil Rabbit

Punctuation and Grammar

Don't use sentences.
We recommend that you tell someone your sentence rather than using it as your name.
- Unacceptable: I Like Kitties, Bunnies Are The Best
- Acceptable: Kitty Love, Best Bunny

Numbers are only allowed in limited quantities.
The Name Generator can only process so much at once!
- Unacceptable: Eight Six Five, Ninety Nine Thousand Cars
- Acceptable: Bunny Two, Sir Alvin The Third

Use appropriate punctuation only.
Please don’t put punctuation where it doesn’t belong!
- Unacceptable: Kit’ten., Dog.gy, Mister-Max
- Acceptable: Mrs. Barbara, Dr. Michael, Top-Notch

Don't be spammy!
Here in Toontown, Toons enjoy sensible nonsense, not unintelligible nonsense.
- Unacceptable: Ooo, Prriinncceess, Asdfghjkl

Use vowels in your name, and in proper locations.
This makes for complicated communication.
- Unacceptable: Nvwls, Jvmie, Gexrge

Names can't be over four words.
Novels are for books, not name tags!
- Unacceptable: This Is Too Many Words

Names can't be empty.
An empty name isn’t much of a name, is it?
- Unacceptable:

Names can only use letters.
Numerals and symbols don't belong in a name!
- Unacceptable: M1ch43l, ^_^

Don't merge words that are too large.
Names that consist of merged words need to be 15 characters or less, and can only contain two combined words total.
- Unacceptable: Thehappydog, Princessprincess
- Acceptable: Princesskitten, Ravenpaw

You may be a pig, but don't use latin!
Pigs can speak English perfectly well in Toontown.
- Unacceptable: Ethay Astfay Atcay

Only simple, short, and appropriate foreign language names.
Unfortunately, the Toon Council doesn't speak every language, and we've gotta make sure they're all appropriate.
- Unacceptable: Katze Der Dunklen Nacht, Le Chien Vraiment Rapide
- Acceptable: Nacht Katze, Chien Rapide


Don't put a website in your name.
The Internet hasn't been invented by Loony Labs yet, don't give them any spoilers!
- Unacceptable: Toontown Com, Disney.com

No variations of the above rules
The Toon Council is made up of smart Toons, and they can see through your disguise!
- Unacceptable: Yekcim Esuom, Goontown TM