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I can't find my verification email. Can I request another one?

You can have the verification email resent here.

I forgot my username/password. How can I recover it?

You can recover your username here, and your password here. All you need to do on those pages is enter the email address registered to your account, and we'll send you an email with your username or a link to reset your password!

How do I change my email?

In order to change your email, you'll need to contact support@toontownrewritten.com with the following pieces of information:

  • The username of the account
  • The email address currently on the account
  • The new email address you want to put on the account
  • A log file! (it must be at least one week old) 

 The date on the log files follows the format: ttr-YYMMDD_00000000

How do I find my log files?

Your log files can be found in one of the following locations, depending on your operating system:


Log files are usually found in one of these folders:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Toontown Rewritten\logs
C:\Program Files\Toontown Rewritten\logs

To find your log files on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the Toontown Rewritten icon on your desktop or start menu.
  2. Click "Open file location".
  3. Navigate to the "logs" folder.

Log files are usually found in the following folder:
~/Library/Application Support/Toontown Rewritten/logs

To find your log files on Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Open Finder
  2. Press Command-Shift-G
  3. Type in to the box: ~/Library/Application Support/Toontown Rewritten/logs

Why does Support need my log files?

Toontown Rewritten log files contain no personal information or account records -- they only have a certain key that can help Support make sure that you are the true owner of the account.

How do I know which log file to send to Support?

If you have to send Support a log file, it's important you're sending them the log file they need to see. If you're reporting a bug, you'll need to send a log file from the time you were playing that you experienced the bug. All log files are timestamped: ttr-YYMMDD_00000000


If you need to prove you are the account owner, in the case of an issue with your email, ToonGuard, or Two-Factor Authentication, you'll need to make sure that you're sending a log file that corresponds to the correct account. If you don't have multiple Toontown Rewritten accounts, you don't need to worry about this.


If you have more than one account you'll need to check the log files to see which ones belong to which account. To figure out which log files belong to which accounts, open the log files and partway down you will see the following:

:OTPClientRepository: ================
:OTPClientRepository: Chose avatar id: <Avatar ID>
:OTPClientRepository: Chose avatar name: <Your Toon Name>
:OTPClientRepository: ================

Choose log files that contain a Toon name from the account you are writing about.

What if I don't have any log files to send to Support?

No worries! Since you don’t have any log files to send over, we're going to need some other information to verify that you are the account owner.

Please provide us with as much information about your account as possible, including:

  • Toon names and descriptions (including species, colors, Laff, and Gags): 
  • Cog Disguises (Sellbot, Cashbot, Lawbot, Bossbot) for your main Toon:
  • Where the account was created (city and state/province): 
  • What internet service provider (ISP) was used when the account was created: 
  • When the account was created (be as specific as possible!): 
  • Where and when you were last able to log in: 
  • What ISP was used when the account was last logged into: 
  • Where you are located now: 
  • What ISP you are using now: 
  • Any infraction history: 
  • Any deleted Toon names: 
  • Any previous Toon names, along with the current name of the Toon(s): 
  • Any previous email addresses: 
  • Have you ever shared your account with anyone? If so, where are they located and when did they last access your account? 
  • Have you ever accessed your account from another location? If so, where and when? 

Once we get that information to verify your account, we can take care of your request!

My account has been stolen! What can I do?

Yikes! Here are tips on how to recover your account:

  1. Start by changing your password. If you can still access your account, you can change your password here.
  2. If you cannot access your account, you can recover your password here.
  3. After you have changed your password, we urge you to activate ToonGuard here, and Two-Step Login here. These are both great features that help secure your account.

If you are unable to complete any of these tasks, contact support@toontownrewritten.com with as much information about your account as possible for assistance.

My Toon was deleted! Can I get it back?

Absolutely! Before we can work on restoring your Toon, we're going to need the following information:

  • Account Name:
  • Toon Name:
  • Toon Description:
  • When was the toon deleted?

Additionally, we'll need a log file that is at least one week old from today to fully verify ownership of this account.

Our Support team will verify the information you sent as soon as possible. You can continue to play on your account while you wait. Please make sure that you have one spot open for the Toon that you want to restore, otherwise we won't be able to bring back your Toon!
Note: Toons may not be recoverable if they haven't either gained one laff point or acquired a level 2 gag since being created.

What is Two-Step Login?

Two-Step Login, commonly referred to as Two-Factor Authentication, is an added layer of protection for your Toontown account using your smartphone. When entering your password, you will also be prompted to enter a code from your phone to prevent unwanted visitors. This prevents anyone from logging into your account unless they somehow had access to the device bound to it!

You can learn more about Two-Step Login and enable it on the Account page.

How can I disable Two-Step Login?

Head over to the Account page and follow the instructions after clicking "Disable Two-Step Login" to disable this feature on your account.

If you no longer have access to the device used to log into your account with Two-Step Login (for example, if you got a new smartphone or your old one was lost or stolen), you will need to email us from the email address that is currently on file for your account. In your email, please include your username and two log files that are at least one week old. Once we verify that you are the account owner, we will be able to remove Two-Step Login from your account. 

What is ToonGuard?

ToonGuard is a service provided by Toontown Rewritten to help keep all accounts safe and secure. If we detect a strange computer attempting to connect to your account, you'll be given an e-mail asking you to confirm that it's you before allowing that computer to connect. In the event of your password being stolen, your account will stay secure with ToonGuard enabled, as they can't log in without your permission.

It's still beneficial to you to keep your password secure, though! ToonGuard is based off of your location and not just your IP address, which means anybody who lives close by to you will still be able to sign in to your account without needing a ToonGuard code if they have your password. If you're still concerned about keeping your account secure, we highly recommend you use Two-Step Login on your account.

In order to verify your location, all you need to do is grab the code sent to the email attached to your account, type it into the box, and press the submit button. After that, you'll likely never be bothered by it again - unless you log in from a far away place!

How can I disable ToonGuard?

You can disable ToonGuard on the Account page once you've had to authorize three or more locations. Make sure you are logged into our website first, and then check out this link to learn more about ToonGuard and how to disable it. If you no longer have access to the email address on file for your account, you will need to email us requesting an email change. If you aren't sure which email address is being used for your account, you will also need to email us with your username and a log file to verify that you are the account owner.

I'm not receiving my ToonGuard code. Help!

Here's a few suggestions to help remedy your problem:

  • Check your spam/junk folder.
  • Make sure that you don't have emails from noreply@toontownrewritten.com blocked.
  • If you are logging in via the launcher, try logging in to the website instead (or vice versa). This might encourage our system to send you a new email.
  • Make sure that you're checking the correct email address attached to the account! If you aren't entirely sure which email address is on your account, please email us with your username and a log file that is at least one week old to verify the account and we'll let you know which email to check.

NOTE: Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, and AOL email services may have difficulty receiving emails from Toontown Rewritten. It is highly recommended that you use a different domain (such as Gmail) for your email address. You may need to request an email change to a different email provider if you cannot receive your code. 


My ToonGuard code is expired or invalid. How do I get a new one?

ToonGuard codes expire about 30 minutes after they're sent. Here's what you'll need to do:

If you're logging in on the website:

  • Close the window or tab that asks you for your ToonGuard code.
  • Sign back in.
  • A new code should be sent to your email address.

If you're logging in on the launcher:

  • Click "cancel" on the pop-up window that asks for your ToonGuard code.
  • Log in again.
  • A new code should be sent to your email address.

NOTE: Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, and AOL email services may have trouble receiving your ToonGuard code in a timely manner. You may need to request an email change to a different email provider (such as Gmail) if this is the case. 

Can you delete my account?

We're sorry to see you go! We are more than happy to review your request for an account deletion. Please contact us at support@toontownrewritten.com from the email address linked to your account and provide us with your username and a log file from the account that is at least one week old and we will process the request.

Please understand that once an account is deleted, the account and the Toons are gone forever. They cannot be restored, so make sure that you truly want to delete your account before contacting us!

Note: If you submitted an account deletion request prior to 5/22/21 and it was denied due to your location, please feel free to resubmit your request. A recent policy change now allows us to process deletion requests from all locations, so we will be happy to review your request again.