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What's ToonGuard?

ToonGuard is one of the Toon Council's latest and greatest inventions to help keep your account safe from any unauthorized Toons who wish to get in.

What makes ToonGuard better than other security features? Unlike Toontown's Two-Step Login, ToonGuard keeps your account safe without any of the hassle. When you go to log in to your account, it won't be requesting a token over and over again. ToonGuard monitors your account activity to check if the person trying to sign in is some rascal trying to take your Toons, rather than you.

If ToonGuard notices a login attempt from a different location or on a computer that you don't normally use, then (and only then!) will it step forward and request that you verify yourself through a unique code sent to your email address. Otherwise, it lets you go on straight to Toontown with no problems!

ToonGuard is enabled for all accounts to start with, but if it becomes a nuisance to you after three location confirmations, you can turn it off with ease over in your Account Settings. If you have any questions or issues with ToonGuard, feel free to contact support for assistance!


Do I have to submit a code every time?

Not at all! Toontown's Two-Step Login requires you to grab a key from a mobile device every time you enter Toontown, but ToonGuard is smarter. ToonGuard will silently check to make sure you are signing on from the right location while you go ahead and login to your account like any normal day.

While Two-Step Login is designed to make sure you're you, ToonGuard is designed to keep people who aren't you out. It does this by checking your location -- if it sees an attempt to log in to your account from a location or internet provider you haven't used before, it will block that attempt until they can provide a code, which will be right in your inbox... Safe and sound!

How do you know my location?

Don't worry, we don't actually know exactly where you live - nor do we want to! Whenever you visit any website, your IP address is passed along to it to provides general information on your Internet Service Provider and their closest major location.

What's an IP address, and how does ToonGuard use it?

An IP address is your personal "address" that your internet connection goes by. Think about it like a phone number: each phone number has an area code, and then a special 7-digit number afterwards to identify who's calling. Your IP address works the same way... it contains a series of numbers that are used by an area, and then narrowed down further to one specific address that's used to identify who's connecting to a service.

ToonGuard uses IP addresses to verify you're the same person. It does this by checking that series of numbers, and making sure you're in the general vicinity of where you've previously been. If you go visit a friend's or nearby relative's house, ToonGuard should stay out of your way. Log-in attempts from further away, however, will prompt you for a code to let you know where the sign-on attempt is from. This verifies the location of the log-in attempt by running the attempt by the account owner.

If you're on vacation in Disney World, and it asks if you signed on from "Orlando, Florida" -- take the code! If you're at home in New York and it asks you if you signed on from "Denver, Colorado", just don't touch it. IP addresses are a way to see if a log-in attempt is oddly different, as well as to request a confirmation to you.

Toontown Rewritten's ToonGuard feature makes use of GeoLite/GeoLite2 location data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com.

I didn't ask for this. Why do I have to use it?

Safety is our top priority, and ToonGuard isn't designed to be the type of system that will cause possible minutes of work for a simple sign-on. If you ever receive a request from ToonGuard for a code, you can rest assured that you'll never have to enter a code again from that location -- or anywhere nearby as well! If you're visiting a friend's house nearby, chances are ToonGuard will still let you in with no problems.

If you travel often, or ToonGuard doesn't work quite right for you, you can head over to your Account Settings to disable it after three location confirmations.

ToonGuard sent me an email, but I don't remember my email address. What do I do?

First, we recommend you write down the email you use for any account if you don't think you're going to remember it. The email used on a Toontown Rewritten account isn't just used for registration verification, since we sometimes have to send you notice of certain account activity or actions. (Like ToonGuard, for instance!)

If you are completely unable to find your email, you can go ahead and send off an email to Toontown Support along with a recent log file so we can verify that you as the account owner are requesting to see your email. We'd be happy to remind you, just don't forget it next time!