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You've come this far, make sure you've gone through all the other puzzles before happening upon this one. If not - go back and find the others or you'll have a tough time with this one. Good luck.

  1. In my very first transmission, what is the cardinal order of "weather" in the hidden message?
  2. In the grid puzzle, how many crescents were present in the first grid?
  3. In Dr. Dimm's Dilemma, what number is associated with the part that has a red center?
  4. In Baker Bridget's recipe, which step is "Add an egg and mix."?
  5. In the Circles and Symbols puzzle, what is the symbol on the bottom left?
  6. In the equation puzzle, what is the total of the resulting two digits?

Hint: As the sum of all the challenges you've come against, the answer to this puzzle should reflect the same.

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