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A Couple of Common Questions



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What is Toontown Rewritten?

Toontown Rewritten is a community revival of Disney's retired multiplayer online game, Toontown Online.

Sweet! Where can I sign up to play?

You should probably start by clicking the big green register button. That's just our guess. We're not rocket scientists, but it seems like that is the perfect place to sign up.

Do I have to pay a monthly membership fee?

Toontown Rewritten is completely free to play; everyone can access all areas and activities! We'll never require any money at all to play the game -- nor any other forms of subscriptions, microtransactions, or payments.

If you don't charge any fees, how does the game stay online?

Us folks over at Toontown Rewritten pay for it all out of pocket. It seems like a hefty bill, but when we volunteered to restore the game that just as much includes paying for it. Hardware prices have dropped plenty since Toontown's original launch in 2003, and we are happy to keep it going. We won't accept any form of donations - whether in currency, hardware, or any other form of payment. Seriously, we've gotcha covered. We just want to let you have fun and play the game that we all enjoy, on us!

Hang on. You copied Toontown from Disney... Is that wrong?

As mentioned above, Toontown Rewritten is completely free to play. We make absolutely no profit whatsoever and will refuse any donations given. We're not in this for money or fame -- We're in this because of kids like Charlie, their parents, and you who genuinely loved the game and want it to continue. Disney was unable to sustain Toontown as a business venture, and that's why we want to sustain it as a gift to the Toontown community in memory of the great things they made.

Is it wrong to replicate a game using Disney's assets? Personally, we don't think so. If we were accepting donations, taking in profits, and trying to steal Disney's profit? That's absolutely horrible. We know that a lot of people put tons of hard work into Toontown over at Disney, and they deserve the real credit. We're only in this as volunteers to let Toontown live a little bit longer. If we can accomplish that -- as we already have for many -- then we're as happy as can be.

Will you be adding new updates and content to Toontown Rewritten?

We certainly hope so! In fact, some new content has already been added such as the Toontown Election Event and ToonFest which displayed brand new gameplay for the first time in a long time. Toontown was created to be a competetive, online, multiplayer, interactive, ever-changing, Disney-inspired, Toon-themed game -- and that's the way we're going to keep it! As time goes on, we'll keep adding and changing things to continue the adventures of our Toons in Toontown.

Can we transfer our old Toons over to Toontown Rewritten?

Sorry, but we can't transfer Toons from Disney's game. Everyone has to start over at 15 Laff in Toontown Rewritten, but that isn't a bad thing! Everyone has Rewritten their Toons from the start, getting another chance to retrain their Toons and help us change the game to make it better.

Are there any rules in the game?

To keep yourself in line with other Toons around Toontown, we've written up the Guidelines to Being Toontastically Toon Enough to make sure everyone has fun! Every Toon must agree to these rules before entering the game, and failure to follow them could result in serious consequences against your account.

What are the name approval guidelines?

If you want to type your own Toon name instead of using the Pick-a-Name, the Toon Council will review your name using the official Name Approval Guidelines that they've created. If your name is rejected, you'll have an opportunity to submit another.

Can I join the Toontown Rewritten Team?

Check out our Team Application Page to learn about how to apply.


I'm experiencing some trouble with the game. What's going on?

Although Toontown is open to the public, we're still in an Open Beta -- which means there are still bugs to fix. The issues could be on your side or ours. Here are a few server issues to watch out for:
- Grey screen when entering the game.
- "The servers are temporarily unavailable, still trying..."
- Getting stuck on a loading screen when connecting.

All of those issues relate to our side, and are usually caused by a ton of Toons logging in at once. The best thing to do for all issues is to wait a while and see if it continues -- If it does, go ahead and contact us to make sure that we can get you fixed up.

My launcher isn't running correctly. How do I fix it?

At least it doesn't have the same problem as your refrigerator, which you should probably go catch. On some occasions, you can fix the Windows Launcher by right-clicking on it, choosing "Properties", and then running it in compatability mode for Windows XP. If you need help with that, feel free to email us and we'll walk you through it. Other issues could be caused by outdated graphics cards and drivers; try updating them before continuing.

Can I ask you another question?

Sure! Just email us at [email protected]. We won't bite!

If you're a reporter looking for information, interviews, or press kits - feel free to email us at [email protected].