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What is Toontown Rewritten?

Toontown Rewritten is a community server for Disney's now-closed game, Toontown Online.

Sweet! Where do I sign up?

Woaaaah, slow down! We still have quite a bit to go until we can release the game to the public. As of right now, we are in a closed alpha test. An alpha key is required to create an account. Keep checking back to see the progress of alpha, as well as to hear about key giveaways and other contests.

Will I have to pay a monthly membership fee?

Toontown Rewritten will be completely free to play; everyone can access all areas and activities within the game. We will also never have "pay-to-win" or pay-for-cosmetic items. Toontown Rewritten will never accept payments, really.

If you don't charge any fees, how will you pay for the game to run?

Surprisingly, Toontown Rewritten really isn't nearly as expensive as you would think to maintain. Hardware prices have substantially dropped compared to what they were when Toontown first launched in 2003, and the folks over at Toonbook have provided the funding and servers necessary to run Toontown Rewritten.

But wait- You copied Toontown from Disney... Is that wrong?

We've thought about this a lot, and we hope we're doing the right thing. Some may say that we aren't, but we're only making Toontown Rewritten with the best of intentions.

As mentioned above, Toontown Rewritten is completely free to play. We make absolutely no profits whatsoever and will refuse any donations given. We're not in this for money or fame. We're in this because of kids like Charlie and their parents who genuinely loved this game and want it to continue. Disney was unable to sustain Toontown as a business venture, that's why we want to sustain it as a gift to the Toontown community.

Is it wrong to replicate a game using Disney's assets? Personally, we don't think so. Disney is no longer making any money off of the Toontown trademark, meaning that we aren't stealing any profits from them. Ultimately, the Lawbots will decide our fate.

Can we transfer our old toons over to Toontown Rewritten?

No, sorry. We hope you do have fun rewriting your toon's story in Toontown Rewritten, however!

Will you be adding new content to Toontown Rewritten?

Later. We have a wonderfully diverse community to draw talent out of, and the technical ability to add new content, like cogs, playgrounds, and game mechanics, but those things are for much later. We will not be able to add new content until we have fully released Toontown Rewritten. We do monitor forums and social networking sites for suggestions, however, so keep posting them there!

When will Toontown Rewritten be released to the public?

Soon™. We aren't setting dates so that we can provide a high quality game that will last without having our development team burn out making pushes to meet deadlines.

When can I play Toontown Rewritten without an alpha key?

Soon™. Like we said above, we aren't setting dates. You'll have to stay tooned!

Can I ask you a question?

Sure! Email us at [email protected]!

However, please note that we don't have any better answers to questions already listed in this FAQ.